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The secret to relationships

Commitment. That’s the secret to love. When the going gets tough, it’s sticking to the commitment you’ve made to loving your partner that will build an ever lasting love. Creating a stable and safe environment for intimate connection is crucial. Frequency. That’s the secret to love with your parents.  As our parents age and the kids all leave the house, they can start to feel lonely. Micro-dosing on connecting with your parents over the phone or video call everyday will mean a lot to them. Frequently doing it allows for a happy and healthier relationship with your parents.  Effort. That’s the secret to friendships. Adult friendships are hard to maintain because priorities change. People start to have family, serious relationships, or relocate for work. Putting in the effort to connect and be available for that time is the fodder for great friendships. 

Dream bigger and visualize it

Dreaming big and visualizing our goals can have a powerful impact on our psychology and motivation. There are several reasons why this is the case: Goal setting: When we dream big and visualize our goals, we are essentially setting a clear goal for ourselves. This can help us to focus our efforts and make progress towards achieving what we want. Motivation: Visualizing our goals can be a powerful source of motivation. When we can see what we want to achieve, it can help to energize us and keep us moving forward, even in the face of challenges or setbacks. Positive emotions: Dreaming big and visualizing our goals can also generate positive emotions, such as excitement and hope. These emotions can help to counteract negative emotions, such as fear or anxiety, which might otherwise hold us back. Brain function: There is also evidence to suggest that visualization can have a positive impact on brain function. When we visualize something, our brains activate the same areas that would be act

What’s your style?

I believe deep down inside all of us is some sort of style. Uniquely identifiable, like a serial number.  Many of us ignore this style and let it sink to the bottom of the sea of life. How can we get it to resurface? Being attuned to what you like visually is a good start. We all see beauty differently.  I’m on the journey to find my style and I’m realizing it’s clean, comfy, Muji-like.  But at times that minimalist style can be so dull and lifeless. Something that is vibrant and colourful, visually exciting to the eyes is needed.  What’s that style where these two worlds exist? 

Let go of the things that doesn’t serve you

Let go of the things in your life that doesn’t serve you.  How can you identify what is not serving you? There are some signs such as: - You invest a lot of effort and energy into something and it doesn’t give you happiness in return (maybe a terrible relationship?) - It causes you to doubt yourself - Drains you mentally and emotionally - Serves no real purpose in your life Take a look at your life and ask yourself, is this taking a lot of energy from me? Would my life be better without it? Let it go.