Contending with contentment

How should we define success? 

For some people it's the quality of life they are living.

For others it's how much money they are earning. 

For many it's the incremental progression in whatever activity they are doing. 

A father who makes just enough to be able to squirrel away for retirement, feed his family, and afford the payments for a home may believe he's living in his version of success. 

While a businessperson who sees the father content with his getting-by lifestyle may see that as a failure and would rather define success as owning multiple businesses which generates millions of dollars. 

A tennis player looks at the father and businessperson's version of success and it doesn't resonate, because their version of success is being able to one day play in the Wimbledon. 

What your own success means to others is irrelevant and is purely tied to your own personal beliefs. 

Humans love to compare themselves to those around them, and will strive to achieve or own as much everyone else.

That's a recipe for disaster. 

To keep yourself from comparing yourself to others, it's important to define what your version of success looks like and then revel in it.

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